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Concerts About Town

Peachtree Symphonic Winds recognizes that there are other musical groups in our area, and in metro Atlanta, that you may be interested in hearing. Below are links to the websites for some of these groups.

  • Georgia Brass Band
    The Georgia Brass Band was conceived by co-founders Joe Johnson and Christopher Priest in the spring of 1999 over lunch at a Chinese restaurant. While lamenting the absence of a regular brass band in the area they simply decided to form one. Some notes were jotted down on a napkin and a string of phone calls to friends and colleagues ensued. Just a few weeks later, the band met for the first time.

  • Atlanta Wind Symphony
    The Atlanta Wind Symphony is internationally respected for its musical excellence, service to the community and contribution to music education.

  • Atlanta Concert Band
    A versatile music ensemble that revels in the opportunity to bring to our audiences everything from classical and traditional music to pop, jazz, movie scores and even music selected from popular video games

  • Tara Winds
    Tara Winds is an all-adult symphonic band organized to provide a performance medium for local instrumental musicians, to encourage school bandsmen to continue performing after completion of their formal education, and to be a source of entertainment for audiences of all ages.

  • Georgia Philharmonic
    Georgia Philharmonic is a philharmonic in the truest sense of the word: local musicians unite and perform out of their love of music.

If you would like your musical group to be mentioned here please contact our webmaster via our 'Contact Us' page. We'd like to reach a reciprocal agreement for you to mention us, and provide a link to our site, on your website!